2020            Realisation of the column in bronze for the artist column hall Stoa 169 in Polling,  


2019          CD "ASCOLTA" with Hariolf Schlichtig and Zoro Babel.

                     Completion of the new workshop

                     Design for a column in bronze,  3,90 meter high for the artist column hall in Polling,     

 2018          "LANGER ATEM" solo show at the art gallery Harderbastei in Ingolstadt, Germany

                  Opening concert with Zoro Babel and Hariolf Schlichtig

2017          Concert with Hariolf Schlichtig and Zoro Babel in the gallery artoxin, Munich

2016        Large sculpture "Weizenähre" for the Brezelmuseum in Erdmannhausen

                     COL FIATO DOLCE  solo show at gallery artoxin, Munich, Germany

                     opening concert with Zoro Babel

                     CD "Il sogno del giardiniere" with Zoro Babel, Echokammer

2015          participation exhibit  „Città Visibile“  in Grosseto, Italy

2014          Participation in the exhibition "80 for 80" in the House of Art at Achim Freyer, Berlin,


                  Sculpture "Sonnenbass" for the Valdonica wine estate, Italy. 

2013           Large sized sculpture "Rauchsignal" for the Klenzepark Ingolstadt, Germany

                  Large sized sculpture "Telemann" for the city of Erlangen, Germany sponsored by      

                  Sontowski + Partner

                  Participation in the exhibition " In the spiritual space - Kirchner and Kirchner students" 

                  in the art space of the minster of Traunstein, Germany, in collaboration with ARTS and

                  the municipal gallery

2012          Exhibition "Construction - Fiction" in Erlangen, Germany, opening concert with

                  Zoro Babel and  Hariolf Schlichtig   

2011          Sculpture "Das Auge (the eye)" for the city of Ingolstadt, Germany

                  3 concerts with Zoro Babel and Hariolf Schlichtig in the art gallery Follonica, Italy

2010          Exhibition "moto ondoso"  in Follonica, Italy

                  Concert "Ruhr Kultur" in Gelsenkirchen, Germany, music for sound sculptures,

                  percussion and organ with Zoro Babel and Andreas Fröhling

2009          Concert with Zoro Babel in Grosseto, Italy

2008          Thematic groups, "Frühstück im Grünen" (breakfast in nature)" and

                 "Dynamische Gerade" (dynamic line)"

2007          Concert with Zoro Babel  for the opening of a show with new sculptures for the

                  Giardino dei Suoni, Italy 

                  Sound sculptures  for New Zealand and Hawaii  

                  Concert with Hariolf Schlichtig  in the Theatre Ingolstadt,Germany

                  Exhibition "Art in the place"  at the Tollwood-Festival in the Olympia-Park Munich,


2006          Exhibition "über die Donau (over the Danube)" - Steel signs  from Paul Fuchs in

                  Ingolstadt, Germany; opening concert with Zoro Babel

                  2 Sculptures for the city of Oelsnitz, Erzgebirge, Saxony, Germany

                  Exhibition in the Giardino dei Suoni and concert with Zoro Babel

2005          Participation in the exhibition Painting and Sculpture with Achim Freyer in the

                  Allerheiligen Hofkirche and Art Gallery Leger in Munich, Germany

                  Achim Freyer and artist friends at XYLON- Museum in Schwetzingen, Germany

                  Concert with Hariolf Schlichtig and Achim Freyer  in the Allerheiligen Hofkirche, Munich,


                  Exhibition "Fuchs im Park" at the city park "Neue Welt" in Memmingen, Germany;

                  extended until April 2006

                  "Fuchsinstrumentenensemble" for the theatre group "Ramba Zamba" in Berlin,  


                  Exhibition "Sculpture and Photography" with Dieter Rehm in Memmingen, Germany

2004          CD "Catch up" with Hariolf Schlichtig

                  Exhibition in the city park "Neue Welt"  in Memmingen, Germany

2003          Performance in the Jexhof Museum  in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany

                  Exhibition concept for the Mining Museum  in Ravi, Italy

                  CD-Recording with Hariolf Schlichtig 

                  Participation in the exhibition "Artproject Oelsnitz" in the Werkbundhaus in Dresden, 


2002          Participation  in the "Artproject Oelsnitz" and concept development for the former

                  mining area

                  Participation  in a major art exhibition in the museum "Haus der Kunst", Munich, 


                  Exhibition at the "Schellbitzhöhe" in Höfgen-Kaditzsch near Grimma, Germany

                  3 Concerts with Hariolf Schlichtigin the cities of Essen, Iserlohn and Altena, Germany

2001          Sculpture "Weltenritt" (world ride) for the Ostend School in Neuburg a.d. Donau,  


                  Exhibition of sound and wind sculptures in the valley of river Mulde, blacksmith-memo-

                  rial Höfgen-Kaditzsch-Grimma, Germany  

                  Participation at the festival "Organ Plus" , concert with the organist Andreas Fröhling,

                  Bottrop, Germany

                  Wind sculpture for the water management in Rosenheim, Germany

                  Concert  with the violist Hariolf Schlichtig at the music festival "What do we hear"  in

                  Kaditzsch-Grimma, Germany

2000          Exhibition "Citysign - Landmarks" at mine pile Pattberg in Moers, Germany

                  Sculpture "Magierin"  in bronze for Moers, Germany

                  Play-Sculpture for the municipal nursery in Trostberg, Germany

                  Concert with the organist Andreas Fröhling in the municipal church Moers, Germany

                  Lecture about the artist's body of work at the University of Siena (Pontignano). Italy 

1999          Major sculpture for the police Administration Munich/Neuperlach

                  Exhibition in the church of Chiusdino, Italy

                  Sound performance in the city hall of Unna, Germany

                  Exhibition of sound sculptures and musical performance in Fürstenfeldbruck,Germany

1998          Three basin fountain for the city hall in Traunstein, Germany

                  Fountain sculpture for the Cultural Center in Trostberg, Germany

                  Musical performance in the Biennale in Quarrata, Italy

                  Wind sculpture for the Bornekamp park in Unna, Germany

1997          Play and sound sculpture for the park "il boschetto" in Grosseto, Italy

                  Sound installation in the Lokschuppen (railroad shed) Rosenheim, Germany

1996          Concert with Zoro Babel at the international Gardenfest in Dessau/Wörlitz, Germany

                     Music performance in the Museum Halbachhammer Essen, Germany

                    Bronze sculpture "Bird" for the Gymnasium (High School) Trostberg

                     Participation at the international sound art festival "Sonambiente" in Berlin, Germany

                     concert with Zoro Babel in the parochial church of Berlin, Germany. 

1995          Exhibit in the Munich cultural center am Gasteig and the Klosterkirche in Traunstein,

                    Two concerts with Zoro Babel in Munich and Traunstein, Germany

                    "The Ambivalence of Measuring", paper at the international Congress of the Metal

                     Sculptors in Aachen, Germany;  11 m high revolving piece for the Technical College

                  in Rosenheim, Germany; Participation in the competition for a "Memorial to the

                  Murdered Jews of Europe" in Berlin, Germany

1994          Talk on "What is Creativity" at the Congress of Metal Designeras in Koblenz, Germany

                  Collaboration with Prof. Rudolf Seitz at the Grund-und Hauptschule in the English

                  Garden, Neuburg a.d. Donau, Germany; the pedagogical concept is worked out in

                  material and a 9 m high wind-sound piece is set up outside.

1993          Setting up a children's play area "Weg zum Wasser" with 5 creatures from bronze at 

                  the Ingolstadt Clinic, Germany;

                  Exhibition participation in Wasserburg and Tittmoning, Germany

                  Sound demonstration at the Academy of fine Arts Munich, Germany with Zoro Babel,

                  Concerts in Prien, Ingolstadt and Neuburg, Germany

1992          Installation in the entrance hall of the Tax Office Rosenheim, Germany together with

                  Ute Lechner

1991          Commission for a 14 m high wind sculpture for the Tax Office Rosenheim

                  Participation in the exhibition "13 Künstler an 7 Orten" with a sound sculpture and a

                  Concert in Kempten, Germany  

1990          Restoration work on the roof and entrance of the old Luisen-Gymnasium in Munich,

                  commissioned  by the City of Munich, Germany  

1989          2 concerts at the exhibition "Zeitgenössische Menschenbilder" in the Lokschuppen

                  Rosenheim, Germany

1988          "Atlantic Crossing" tour with the indian flutist Carlos Nakai and ANIMA musica in

                  Germany, Switzerland and Austria

1987/88     4 play sculptures for Munich kindergardens, commissioned by the City of Munich

1987          Construction of a water piece for the Unna Massen swimming pool in Unna, Germany

1986          Munich Piano summer 1986 "Ballast eine Liebe", an image and sound composition with

                  Niels Peter Rudolph, Limpe Fuchs and Zoro Babel in the COS of the Cultural Center

                  at Gasteig in Munich, Germany

1985          Image and sound composition with Achim Freyer, Limpe Fuchs and Zoro Babel 

                  performed in Wuppertal and Gütersloh, Germany

1984/85     Inaugural exhibition at the Munich Cultural Center at Gasteig 

                  Participation in the traveling exhibition "A Noise in Your Eye" in England,

                  Gallery Arnolfini (Bristol), Mappinggallery (Sheffield), City Art Gallery (Huddersfield),

                  Barbican Centre (London)

                  LP "Bruchstücke für Ilona"

1983/85     Carried out actions "Art and Public" in Unna (Westphalia)

                  Constructed a sound garden in Bornekamp Park with the apprentices from a local

                  machine factory

1981/83     Three visits to American sound artists and concerts  in New York, Chicago, San    

                  Francisco, Pittsburgh, Woodstock and other venues in the U.S.

1979          Commission for the development and construction of therapy instruments and

                 "Ballast String" sculptures for music therapy in the district hospital Kaufbeuren

                  Solo show in the Gallery LOFT Munich and exhibitions in the Munich City Hall

                  LP "Der regt mich auf"

Since 1975

                 Construction and development of "Ballast String" sound sculptures

                 LP "Monte Alto"

                 Executed several large sculptures for Heinrich Kirchner till his death in 1984

1974         Double LP with ANIMA "It's up to you"

                 World music in the Krone Circus Munich with Friedrich Gulda (A), Albert      

                Mangelsdorff (D), Barre Phillips (USA), Munir Bashir (Iraq) and the Bagdadi Ensemble

                 Project ANIMA, 11 concerts with Friedrich Gulda, Limpe Fuchs, Albert Mangelsdorff,

                 Barre Philipps, Munir Bashir and the Bagdadi Ensemble in and around Salzburg

                 Six events with ANIMA in the Concert Hall Vienna, LP "ANIMA"

1972         ANIMA in Salzburg, 30 concerts in the Bürgerspitalhof with Friedrich Gulda and Limpe

                 Fuchs, recorded by SWF Baden-Baden radio and broadcast in Germany, Austria, 
                Switzerland and Holland;

                 Further concerts with Limpe Fuchs and Friedrich Gulda in different European Cities.


1971         "ANIMA Sound - Musik für alle", a rolling stage tour with tractor and 20 kilometres

                 per hour, documented in a feature length film by SWF Baden- Baden and broadcast

                 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Holland

                 LP "ANIMA Sound - Musik für alle"

                 Meeting with Friedrich Gulda at the International Festival of Improvised Musik at 

                 Ossiach Lake in Austria

1968         Took part in "Underground Explosion", an art tour, Krone Circus Munich, Stuttgart Fair   

                 Hall, Cologne Bicycle Sport Hall, Essen Saalbau, Germany and Zurich People's House

                 LP "Stürmischer Himmel" published by OHR

1967         Intensive examination of newly invented instruments and development of ANIMA music

                 with Limpe Fuchs

1965         Numerous metal works for the architects Alexander von Branca and Karl Josef


1958-64    Studied sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts Munich under Heinrich Kirchner

1951-58    Metal craftsman in Munich, worked together with Herbert Altmann and Carl Knappe

1936         born in Munich